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The Afghan Business Network is a group of entrepreneurs, investors, mentors and service providers collaborating together to fund business training classes to achieve the objectives of: 1) creating a better understanding and appreciation of the importance of the businessman/businesswoman and a concern for his/her problems; creating a more intelligent business understanding of national legislative and political affairs; preventing controversies which are detrimental to the expansion and growth of business and the community; or correcting them if they arise; 2) Promoting businesses and community growth and development by: teaching economic programs designed to strengthen and expand the income potential of all business within the trade area; teaching programs of a civic, social and cultural nature that are designed to increase the functional and aesthetic values of the community; and discovering and correcting abuses that prevent the promotion of business expansion and community growth 3)   Teaching, advising and coaching executives and business professionals to pause and examine where they are so as to move forward more effectively; provide resources for executives and business professionals to help them leverage strengths, manage weaknesses and move through the difficulties that populate any organizational landscape. Through new education and teaching methods surrounding e-transparency software solutions we thereby help businesses and professionals become better community members.

Every business has a beginning, and this is where you talk about yours. People want to know what opportunity you saw or how your passion led to the creation of something new. Talk about your roots–people wanna know you have some.





Meet the Team




Qasim Tarin

Founder & CEO

Professional Background Summary:  

Mr. Qasim M. Tarin attended Habibia High School in Kabul, Afghanistan.  He graduated from International Telecommunication Union in 1979.  Through his education, Qasim was involved in connecting channels of telex and telegraph between Moscow and Kabul. Due to invasion of Afghanistan by Soviet Union, Qasim Tarin left the country to live in the US and start a new life. He married Salma Tarin, an Afghan American and has three beautiful daughters named Yalda, Daian, and Roxan.  His training allowed him to work with large corporations such as Toshiba America, IBM, Cannon USA, Xerox Corporation, Hewlett Packard, and Ricoh Corporation USA. He was involved in the design of a typewriter to be connected to a PC through Teal Industry in 1986.

Through his training and experience, Qasim Tarin began developing his own business (Electro Imaging Systems, Incorporated) in Pleasanton, California; in 1994.  He started his business from a one person operation and has built his business into a successful corporation in Northern California with over thirty employees. He is a member of the Rotary International and the CEO Alliance Group.  He is also part of the advisory group of Business Technology Associations; and has recently created Electro Imaging Systems Foundation, Inc. (A private family foundation).

With his wife, Salma Tarin, Qasim Tarin developed the Afghan Business Network, Incorporated (now a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization) to give his knowledge and expertise of developing a business to all developing entrepreneurs around the world. In 2012 he became President of Afghan American Chamber of Commerce Northern California Chapter; he is Chairman of American International Development Corporation; (a for profit “C” corporation) and the originator of the Unity and Freedom Movement of Afghanistan – an Afghan International Political Advocacy Group (a U.S. based 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization).

Qasim is both a business owner and business developer to help rebuild Afghanistan’s economy as well as restore business activity in Afghanistan.  As an Afghan American, Qasim Tarin understands the culture of Afghans in the U.S., in Afghanistan and around the world; as well as their desires for peace through prosperity. He has been actively working on behalf of the Afghan people. Lately he has been instrumental in starting Afghanistan’s “Victory Stadium Project” with Atta Amin  https://www.facebook.com/Victory-Stadium-1430740813828358/ that has gained support from the  Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)… the international governing body of football (Soccer).

Kabul’s old soccer stadium has been the home and scene of gruesome human rights atrocities under the Taliban and can never ever become a place of hope and pride again. It is time for a new stadium to be built that recognizes the many victories, international awards, championships and inducements of national unity and pride of heritage by Afghanistan’s soccer (football) team. Therefore, a new structure that captures all of the hopes and dreams of current and future generations of Afghan soccer players and fans needs to be built.

Qasim is a member of the US Congressional Foreign Relations Committee Advisory Group for Afghanistan; and, he was part of a delegation that traveled to Afghanistan in April of 2014 that met and spoke to all of the candidates running for President of Afghanistan (right before the election in 2014).

After owning Electro Imaging Systems for 25 years, He sold his business to Toshiba International in December of 2017 and has acted as a consultant to Toshiba until late 2018. He has worked to develop American International Development Corporation (AID Corp) since 2015 and has recently signed a Joint Venture contract with a 700 Billion Yuan ($117 Billion U.S. Dollar) annual income company in China. AID Corp has also signed a Joint Venture with two of the largest renewable energy Solar Energy companies in China.

AID Corp has recently launched the AID Corp Investment Group to bring many of the international investors together under one umbrella. 

Homayoun Rahnoma

Vice President

Professional Background Summary:

Mr. Homayoun Rahnoma was born in Kabul Afghanistan as the son of Dr. Abdul Majid Rahnoma and Mrs. Abeda Rahnoma in 1958. He graduated from Naderia High School in 1973. After finishing the first semester of Literature and Humanities at the University of Kabul Afghanistan an entry level for Journalism under Prof. Obaidullah Issar; he left Afghanistan for Germany in 1974. He studied Das Deutsche-and Studienkolleg at the university of Hamburg in Germany, and while attending faculty of economics at the Johan Wolfgang von Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, he Imported Antique Jewelry, Rugs, Carpets and accessories from Afghanistan, Southern Russia, Pakistan and India for the European Major Antique Galleries located in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain and Holland.

In 1991 he moved his family to the United States. In 1993 he opened his “well attractive and valuable Afghan Cuisine” in the heart of Campbell, CA; and as per Christina Waters of the Metro Paper, Doug Chris of the San Jose Mercury News, the Almedan Newspaper in Campbell and other local newspapers all awarded a 5 stars restaurant rating to the restaurant; comparing the value of this Restaurant to the added value of the new route of Freeway 85 to the region. In 1995 he became the President of Tramco International, a worldwide commodity business, located in San Jose California. In 1997, he became Finance Director and General Sales Manager of Stevens Creek Auto Imports in San Jose, California. In 1978, Wells Fargo Bank certified him as a lease specialist and he became well connected to all major banks, credit unions and other investors; establishing a very strong financial background. In 2004, he became President/CEO of AutoMax of Hayward, a California based corporation. In 2005, he became Chief Operating Officer of Palm Tree Financial & Realty, Inc. In 2006, he became President/CEO of Century 22 Real Estate & Mortgage, Inc., for Commercial and Residential home loans, leases, renting, purchases, and sales. In 2010, he became President/CEO of Contempo Realty Group, Inc. as well as President/CEO of Global Properties and Investment Group, LLC, a commercial and residential home loans, Investments, lease, renting, purchase, and Sales company 2011. In 2011, he became President/CEO of Global Reconstruction Network, and Vice-President of Afghan Business Network.

              Terry Green


Professional Background Summary: 

Mr. Theophilos (Terry)  Green, a graduate of UCLA in 1974 with a Double Major (BA) in World History and Social Psychology, has had more than 44 years of experience in business administrative, management, and executive positions for major corporations plus direct experience in starting and operating his own companies. Employment highlights included executive positions with the following: Manager of The Hotel Bel-Air (Los Angeles, CA) from 1972 to 1979, Manager of Air-Venture Aircraft charter and leasing (Santa Fe, N.M.)1979-1980, Manager of the Westwood Marquis Hotel (Los Angeles, CA) 1980-1986, Subrogation Claims Specialist, 1987-1996 (Menlo Park, CA) , Consultant to Accessible Environments (Berkeley, CA) 1996-2009, Owner of BekkiWow Coffee (San Pablo, CA) 2004-2006, President/CEO Emergency Towing, Inc. (Los Angeles, CA) 2007-2008, and President/CEO ManGreen Creative Business Solutions (San Diego & Fremont CA) 2008-Current.  He created New World Strategies Coalition, Inc. – a native Afghan think tank; a center for integrative-studies; a center for integrative-action; a California non-profit mutual benefit corporation. He helped create Afghan Business Network, Inc.; filled out IRS Form 1023 and Schedule H to establish Afghan Business Network as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization. He helped create American International Development Corporation, an  import/export and business management for-profit stock corporation. He was Project Manager of a Business Symposiums for Afghanistan, on July 29th 2010 at the Mott Foundation Center in Washington D.C.  Over fifty people were in attendance, including three Congressmen from California, and Congressional Staff from several other Congress-members. There were representatives from: The Bayat Foundation, Booz Allen Hamilton, Ariana Afghan TV, The Orange County Register, the Huffington Post, The U.S. Department of Defense, Business Professionals, Doctors and Educators (MD’s and PHD’s)… He helped create Unity and Freedom Movement of Afghanistan an Afghan Political Advocacy Group and was lead organizer of an Afghan Peace and Unity Symposium on September 20th 2013 at the United States Capital Building in Washington DC. There were dignitaries from various Afghan political groups, the current and former Chairmen of the U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Relations Committee and various media representatives. He is an advisor and consultant to Qasim M. Tarin; owner of Electro Imaging Systems, Inc.; a multi-million dollar business solutions company.

Mr. Green has recently created Electro Imaging Systems Foundation, Inc. (A private family foundation); and was instrumental in starting Afghanistan’s “Victory Stadium Project” https://www.facebook.com/Victory-Stadium-1430740813828358/ with Qasim Tarin and Atta Amin that has gained support from the  Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)… the international governing body of football (Soccer); and private funding from the international Afghan community. The Minister of Agriculture of Afghanistan has just offered tens of thousands of acres of land to Qasim Tarin et al for agriculture projects in every province in Afghanistan. The first step is to use existing private funding on a five thousand acre pilot project, then pursues USAID and donor nations funding for the entire nation. This major project will require that we use the services of Mr. Green’s consulting clients: New World Habitat Group, Inc.’s patented 2K watts per unit mini Wind Turbine/patented Solar/patented quiet ceramic compressor Refrigeration for Cold Storage; to complete this project.

Mr. Green is also consulting an on-line advertising agency (Infuego) https://www.infuego.com/

that has worked with the Discovery Channel and is negotiating with Paramount Pictures to provide proprietary streaming video for their film library. He is also consulting a clothing manufacturer with their own line of high fashion jeans for celebrities (whose cousin is married to Germaine Jackson; Michael Jackson’s brother) Free Urbanity Jeans (prelaunch website: http://www.freeurbanity.com/).

Recently Mr. Green has edited two books; for Authors James Cartwright and Mary Kennedy:

I Believe: HELP THOU MY UNBELIEF by James Cartwright Jr. (Author)


You Will See God’s Miracles: If You Only Believe by Mary Kennedy (Author)

Paperback– 21 Oct 2015 http://www.amazon.co.uk/You-Will-See-Gods-Miracles/dp/151763217X

He has also created a Non-Profit Foundation to help feed children in the San Francisco Bay Area; created the framework for a stadium in Kabul Afghanistan to celebrate and honor the national soccer (football) team’s winning the South Asian Games  https://www.facebook.com/Victory-Stadium-1430740813828358/ ; and has been asked by Massachusetts TV host, author and documentary filmmaker Paul Fitzgerald and his wife Elizabeth Fitzgerald of Gould and Fitzgerald fame to prepare a proposal/Executive Summary and be an Organizing Director for the Altai Executive Conference in the autonomous province of  Altai-Russia. He is in the process of creating America-Is-Us, Inc., a political advocacy group; a 501c4 non-profit… and he is currently consulting True Renewable Energy, Inc. a solar energy company (writing all of their business contracts); and he is currently creating marketing material and brochures for The House of Couture Bridal Boutique… https://www.thehouseofcouture.com/ .

 Terry Green has recently helped Mohsen Tarin set up his business, Alliance Business Solutions, Inc. in Manteca CA. He is also helping Rob Raffanti expand Innova Eco Business System LLC of Miami Florida https://innovaecobuildingsystem.com/ into California by creating Innova Eco Building Systems West, Inc. to help him establish Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) factories on Native American Lands to provide jobs for them and housing throughout California.    










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